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Hello my fellow chocolate lovers! My name is Alicia . I am the oldest daughter of Annie and Bert , the owners and creators of Annie's Chocolates.  You can find me behind the counter in Hyde Park and behind the screen of our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now as of a few days ago our blog!  Please be patient with me as this is new venture for our Company but I must say its quite exciting! 

As this is my first blog, I wanted to introduce you readers to the incredible operation behind Annie’s Chocolates. When we tell our customers we are a small family business we aren't joking around! Let me introduce you to my family. Let’s start with my dad . He is our head chocolate maker, he can whip out chocolate faster than anyone I've ever seen, you need couple hundred smoothies done in a days notice, he's got them done before the sun is even up. He’s always thinking up cool and exciting new products to try out in the store. It is never a dull moment with  him,  I remember as a kid putting almonds in molds as dad poured warm milk chocolate over them, its memories like that, that make a family owned business so special! My brother Zack works along side my dad, to hand make every single piece of chocolate you see in our stores. Every morning tarts are ready to be dipped, caramels are sprinkled with sea salt, pretzels are ready for their chocolate bath, both Zack and Dad are here early mornings and late nights creating delicious treats for you to enjoy.

After all the chocolate creations are made, my sister Taylor get to work on wrapping, packaging, labeling and sealing, everything the guys throw at them. Not to mention jumping in to help out the guys if need be ! Taylor is one of the fastest packagers I know, she can whip through bins and bins of stock before the guys are even finished the next batch! She puts pride in every bag she fills and every table she places! This girl has been 9 months pregnant scooping ice cream and building gift boxes just days before my nephew made his appearance! I don't think she's ever taken a sick day! Then we have Caitlin, she has worked with us feels like since we moved to London! She's been with us just over 5 years! Every beautiful gift basket you see was hand crafted by her, she truly has the eye for design and is always ready and willing to start something new, her drive for work and customer service is truly admirable!  She's truly apart of our family. 

Of course last but certainly not least there’s mom, Annie herself,   the jack of all trades! THEE Annie of Annie's Chocolates! You can find her in hand tying speciality orders, working on the website, filling orders from online, in store and wholesale, designing labels, wrapping smoothies, creating beautiful gifts with that Annie's touch on every thing that walks out the door. Mom puts every single fibre of her being into the products she creates. The best of the best goes through our door with one thought in mind, YOU her customers. Perfecting the perfect gift basket, gift box and chocolate creation to your satisfaction is why Mom does what she does. Even when hundred of orders are piling up, stock is getting low and all hands are on deck and we don't know how we are gonna get through moms got it covered, grinding am too pm to make sure you are happy. 

  Whether you have shopped with us from the very beginning in Teviotdale  Ontario when we were called Annie's Country Candy and Chocolate Shoppe or 24 years later in our Hyde Park and Kilworth locations you have met all of us! We have worked together to make Annie’s a household name with the help of our amazing family that have always come to help if needed at the drop of a hat! There’s a sense of pride when we walk into work in the morning. We joke around with Mom especially when we are going through one of the many busy holidays where orders are stacked and we've already been working 10 hours knowing full well we will be there a few more hours that she's created a MONSTER! But, we wouldn't trade it for the world, Mom and Dad have created a business that goes above and beyond creating the best and delicious chocolate, always expanding to be more and more exclusive with a large selection of  Gluten free, Sugar Free and Vegan Chocolate.

Its always exciting to hear the many stories of how our chocolate made someones day when they've received it as a gift, celebrated a marriage or anniversary, how our Chocolate Dipped Butter Tarts are a date night guilty pleasure. No matter what your dealing with that day we pride ourselves on taking you away from that for even just a few minutes to enjoy one of our delicious and decadent treats. Thank you for letting us into your homes and hearts . We truly appreciate all the love and support not only everyday but especially during the last year. Thank you.


- Alicia and the entire family at Annie's Chocolates.

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